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About Me

I am a physician trained in Western medicine and a range of alternative medicine systems.


I use unique methods of diagnosis to determine the causes of the problems you have and the likely problems you may have in the future. 

To make my diagnosis more accurate, I need you to complete the pre-consultation form with all your problems and the medications you are taking and include the reports and images of all relevant investigations. I also need you to take good iris photos per the attached


​During the consultation, I look for the many factors contributing to your problems. I will discuss these factors with you and formulate a plan personalised for You. I will explain the changes you can make in your diet and lifestyle to get well and remain healthy. As you understand the causes of your problems, you can improve your health using modifications in diet, nutrition, lifestyle & yoga. 


I do these consultations both in person and online over Zoom. Ideally, I would like to examine you to get the maximum information so my diagnosis is complete, but until you can see me in person, you can start your journey of healing with the help of an initial consultation over Zoom.


A good diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. After I have made my diagnosis, I can then offer you a range of effective in-person therapies as required. 

My Healing Approach

I graduated in medicine from the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, India in 1980, followed by further training in Cardiology & Internal Medicine at Bombay University. Over the years I travelled through many countries, meeting and learning from exceptional doctors and healers who used various techniques to diagnose and treat people with a vast range of problems.


I learnt that each person is an individual and that I needed to personalise the treatment for each person so they could heal. I knew that correct nutrition individualized for each person was essential for healing. Removing toxic waste materials from the body was also a prerequisite for effective treatment.


I am a good diagnostician, so I am able to find and treat the causes of many complicated and chronic diseases. 


The first step is to identify the causes of your problems. There are many things we can do to tackle these causes. Once these causes are removed or reduced, your body can heal.


My treatment approach is both scientific and logical. It is based on finding out why you have your unique problems. I take the time to listen to you, examine your investigation reports, and understand your concerns and their causes.


I take into consideration the many factors which contribute to your health and disease. These include genetic predispositions, the effects of injuries both old and recent, the weak areas in your constitution, and factors which you can change like your diet, environment and lifestyle. I carry out a holistic evaluation of your health.


I work out a treatment program in consultation with you, to tackle the causes of each problem in the most effective way. You are made aware of the causes of your problems and advised how you can best help yourself achieve good health. You are also advised how to maintain that health and happiness in the years to come. 


A word to the wise is often enough. During my consultation, I advise you on how best to improve your life & health and then leave it to you to implement the recommended changes. If you find my instructions overwhelming or challenging to follow, staying for a few days with me can help you implement the changes I advise and see the difference it makes to your health.


The better your compliance with my instructions is, the better your health improves. I advise a yearly review of your health to follow up and re-assess your health and advise you of your further course of action to improve your health.


I have a strong spiritual background, enabling me to understand problems at many levels and so assist in the healing of body, mind and soul.


I live in Kerala in South India, where I run an outpatient clinic. 

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