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The paddy fields around my clinic

Dr Manik Hiranandani
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Get expert medical care to diagnose, treat, and heal with a range of 

therapies on your journey to better health.

Sunset by the river Pampa
Image of Dr Manik Hiranandani
Sky at sunset by river Pampa

About Me

I am a physician who has trained in both Western medicine and a range of alternative medicine systems.
I use unique diagnostic methods to help determine the causes of your problems and the likely problems you may have in the future.

To make my diagnosis more accurate, I need you to fully fill in the

pre-consultation form with all your problems and medications, including the reports and images of all relevant investigations.
A good diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.

After I have made my diagnosis, I can then offer you a range of effective in-person treatments as required.

My Approach To Your Health

I believe in treating the body as a whole. Every aspect of your health is impacted by the environmental factors surrounding you.  I offer a personalised treatment to you as each person is unique and requires a tailored approach to their needs. Correct nutrition is essential for healing, providing the necessary nutrients for the body to function optimally. Additionally, removing toxic waste materials from the body is a prerequisite for effective treatment. 


What Patients Say

I came here completely lost with a brain that didn’t work. My eyes had nowhere to focus in the dark. My speech was as if I had just finished a bottle of vodka. My handwriting was like spiders climbing up a tree. And my mind was very, very busy going in all the wrong directions. I was scrambling to get here. Today, I leave after six weeks, which I have to say was a breeze. This is home. This is where you come to find all your answers. This is where you will learn to start being responsible for every moment of your life, where you start living, understanding, and observing. In all this, you heal your body and become your tool. You listen to it. You begin to look after it. Something I had no idea about. I feel whole, connected and present. And I owe this to the entire team at ‘THE CLINIC’. I think fearless today since I have Doc to always count on for all the holes I might fall into and if I or my family get stuck under any rock, thanks to the stay. I welcome you to my family.
Lots of love,
S  New Delhi 

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